Fremont Street Experience
Food and Restaurants

When you’re downtown checking out the Fremont Street Experience you can really work up an appetite. Here are some of the better restaurant and eateries you will want to try.

Aloha Specialties Restaurant
Whenever I visit Las Vegas, I always make sure to eat at least one time at Aloha Specialties Restaurant at the California Hotel Casino. No matter what kind of food you like, they’ll have something you love. More

Mermaid's Casino
Mermaid’s Casino serves food normally found at a county fair for the cheap prices normally associated with it, but with quality far surpassing that of a carnival. Everything I ate was delicious and freshly cooked, and I barely spent any money! More

Hugo's Cellar
This classy restaurant which is part of the Fremont Street Experience was everything I hoped for. I booked this restaurant to go for my anniversary, and it was worth every penny. More

Market Street Cafe
No matter what ethnicity of food you like, the Market Street Café offers it. Everything served at the Market Street Café is cooked to perfection, and served at reasonable prices. More

Triple 7 Restaurant & Microbrewery
I love eating at the Triple 7 for many reasons. Not only is the food freshly made, reasonably priced, and delicious, but the service is amazing. The Triple 7 has all the foods I love to eat, so I always make sure I go with friends so we can split everything! More

Garden Court Buffet
The Garden Court Buffet is my favorite place to eat on the Fremont Street Experience when I’m ravenous. You can get high-quality food for great prices. Unlike other buffets where they’re only open for certain hours during the day, the Garden Court Buffet is open all day long. More

Du-Par's Restaurant and Bakery
No matter if you want to enjoy food sitting down, or want to grab a quick bite before leaving Vegas, Du-Par’s has something you will enjoy. With desserts made fresh every day, there’s always something everyone will enjoy eating here. More

The Beat Coffeehouse
For those who want to get delicious food and as well as great coffee, The Beat Coffeehouse is perfect for you. I’d definitely say that this was the best coffeehouse on the Fremont Street Experience, and with reasonable prices, meaning you can come back every day! More

Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse
Everything about Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse is catered to what the patron wants. The service here is some of the best I’ve seen in all of Las Vegas. When I want to go away and get pampered for an evening, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse is where I head off to. More

Le Thai Restaurant
If you want to eat good Thai food without breaking the bank, Le Thai is the perfect place for you. Located centrally on the Fremont Street Experience, this restaurant has servers wanting to fulfill your every need, and delicious food. More

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